Wellington Northeast Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 785
Noblesville IN 46061-0785


It’s been about 15 years since we took a look at our covenants and by-laws. A lot has changed in our lives and in our neighborhood during those years. We are forming a committee to look at those regulations and, perhaps, make some changes. There will be further discussion and a chance to volunteer your wisdom, and commitment to the revision committee, at the next General Membership Meeting.

At the last executive committee meeting, I offered three items for discussion and possible inclusion in our covenant:

  • The first involves limiting rental property in our neighborhood. Other neighborhoods are seeing a rise in investment purchases and are taking a look at how that affects property values. (We currently have 3 rentals, 2 lease-to-own, and 3 vacant Firestone homes).
  • The second item is to prohibit anyone on the sexual offender/violent offender list to reside in our neighborhood.
  • The third item would consolidate our HOA fees for any NEW family moving into the neighborhood. They would pay the combined fee (mandatory and recreational fees) and have use of all facilities. This increased revenue would stabilize our finances and hopefully prevent future fee increases for the rest of the residents. Any current resident relocating within the neighborhood would, also, NOT be affected by this change. Looking at amenities and HOA fees throughout Noblesville, our current $400 combined fee is competitive with other neighborhoods.

As the committee looks at the covenants and by-laws, other changes may be suggested. We know that this will not be an easy process; we need 75% of the residents to agree to any changes. I hope our discussion will add to the strength and continued growth of the neighborhood.

We have also discussed the Neighborhood Garage Sale and scheduled it for Saturday, May 14th. I’m not sure where the signs are currently stored. If they are in your garage or basement, please bring them to the membership meeting so we have time to update them.

Elizabeth Davenport