Wellington Northeast Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 785
Noblesville IN 46061-0785


Spring is a very busy time for all as we start sprucing up yards and getting ready for warmer weather. The same is true for the board except on a much larger scale as we work to get ready the Common areas ( areas open to all who live in our neighborhood and pay general dues) and Recreational facilities (only open for use for those who pay recreational dues).

In hopes of bringing clarity and ensuring proper maintenance and use of our Recreational Facilities a few facts must be made known:

1. General Membership includes:

  • Use of our common areas: our three parks with playground equipment, including East park soccer goal, basketball court, and picnic pavilion.

2. Recreational membership includes:

  • Admission and use of our two pools
  • Admission and use of our two tennis courts/pickle ball courts (this is not a new inclusion, just one that has not been enforced or regulated)

3. Guests:

  • Recreational members MAY NOT bring other WNNA neighbors AS GUESTS to any of our 4 recreational facilities.
  • Recreational members may not host parties or have more than 3 non-resident guests during regular open facility hours.

We will have some changes at our pools this summer. Our pool provider of the last few years has closed up shop, therefore we are pleased to announce that H&L Pools will be our service provider for pool season 2018. They will be encompassing complete pool care as well as staffing with guards. Very excited to offer what I hope to be a more professional and fun experience for all our recreational members. Pool opens May 26!

I am most excited to announce also with H&L Pools will be able to offer swim classes at our pools with certi ed swim instructors. Be watching for those future announcements.

If you’re interested in being a lifeguard or for our former staff wanting to return :

Go to www.hlpools.com/careers and fill out an online application. We and our new provider would love to see our former lifeguards back on the stands with this new management team.

Lastly, I would like to inform everyone that will choose to be recreational members that the South tennis courts will not be resurfaced this year. We don’t have the extra income from recreational dues to justify the expense for the few neighbors who play. Please encourage everyone, who wants to keep our amenities and facilities maintained for the good of the neighborhood, to become Recreational Members and don’t let your neighbors cheat!

It is vital to realize that our low dues combined with the rising costs of repairs and maintenance of all areas require us to continually focus on the cost effectiveness of every spending decision.