Wellington Northeast Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 785
Noblesville IN 46061-0785


Spring is finally here! We are putting final preparations together for a great summer of fun, here in Wellington NE. Your new patio furniture at the south pool is in; also, new playground equipment and new walkways at both pools.

We had a great turnout for the Easter Egg hunt (Thank you Holly Porter Johnson and all the volunteers.) We couldn’t do this without you! You sacrifice time and talent to advance our neighborhood.

A most appreciated thanks from your executive committee for the timely payment of your annual dues. We appreciate your support. If you forgot, please take a moment to put your check in the mail so we can avoid the cost of additional mailings.

The month of May in Indiana is known for the 500 Race. But, we also believe in honoring the service of all veterans by displaying the flag on patriotic holidays and we hope you will join us. Old Glory is still the greatest symbol of our national unity. Displaying the flag, proudly, shows your support for our American values and those who fought and are still fighting to defend them. Remember, “freedom is not free”. We must not forget the terrifying history of our country’s wars. Take a moment, this month, to acknowledge the veterans who secured the victory. Honor the generations that bravely stood as one to deliver civilization back into our hands.