Wellington Northeast Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 785
Noblesville IN 46061-0785


Hello Neighbors

I wanted to share some thoughts on the current finances of the WNNA. For the past few years, the WNNA board has, in my opinion, been excellent stewards of our finances, especially considering how low our dues are compared to similar neighborhoods in Noblesville. Given the age of the neighborhood, pools, and parks, this has been no small feat. Unlike other neighborhoods, we have had no paid manager; much of the reason we can keep expenses low is because of the often-thankless work of volunteers.

However, this past year has been challenging to say the least. As you are probably aware, we had a structural issue with the South Pool, resulting in nearly $7000 in damages. We were forced to change pool companies, resulting in higher fees, including chemical costs. We need to install a wall off the common area near Glasgow Lane to stop the constant mud flows onto the sidewalk. There’s a sinkhole at the East Park that has grown to the point of being a safety concern. Playground equipment at East Park & elsewhere needs repair.

We’re still grappling on a long-term solution for the South Park tennis courts, the surface of which has so many cracks it makes the courts unplayable. A full resurfacing may cost as much as $28,000; although the board is looking at other options.

While we started out the fiscal year with about $67,000 in our bank accounts, we will unfortunately be forced to spend much more than we take in this year, diminishing our savings.

Given this environment, I’m proposing a modest $20 increase in General dues, which equates to $160 starting in 2019. The vote for this proposal will be at the Fall general meeting, currently scheduled for September 20th. Proxy voting will be available for those of you unable to attend; forms will be delivered in the coming weeks, along with the new directory.

The board last requested an increase in the fall of 2014.

At this time, I’m not advocating a change in the $400 fee for Rec dues. I’d like to encourage more neighbors to go this route, and raising it beyond $400 may actually backfire in that it will cause a decrease in people choosing this option, resulting in less revenue. Currently, about a third of the neighborhood are Rec members.

This proposal will raise roughly $7000 in additional funds per year; while this won’t quite solve all of our issues going forward, it should go a long way in shoring up our savings while continuing to keep Wellington Northeast a desirable place to live.